Designing and developing a mobile app is just conquering the tip of the iceberg; marketing it and taking it to the level from where it creates a demand for itself, is a mammoth task.

If you don’t have the right launch-planning and execution strategies in place, you will find it really tough to find your place in the competitive market. Thus, there is a lot to consider regarding launch and execution, while still in the design and development stage of the app.

When you are working on developing a new mobile application, there are several things that you may miss out, inadvertently. You must keep the user’s expectation and demands in your mind. What your target market wants in the new app is of paramount importance. For most developers, their ideal user is self, however many times you would be really surprised to find who your real audiences are. Hence, it is important that you carry out a market research and brainstorming session to ensure you know who your true users are.

Knowing your future customers greatly help you plan the right launch of your app. You can also carry out a market test to get feedbacks from real users. This will greatly help you avoid any customer bug discovery after launch. Proper launch planning and execution ensures that the launch day creates effective results that your app deserves. The launch day for your app is really crucial for two key reasons:


  • New apps have short-time span to create the right impression and make its presence felt in the apps store. Each day, hundreds of new apps come and fizzle out from the market. Hence, you need to do your homework well, recognize your target audience, and apply the right marketing strategies to raise your visibility and make the users take notice of your app.
  • Social networks are useful for promoting new apps, but you also need to apply additional strategies such as PR (and targeted) outreach, video trailers, and guest posts. Apart from tweeting about your new app, invest some time for an impressive press release, creating interesting video and posting articles as a guest blogger.


Developers must keep in mind that with every paid app release, they receive promotional codes that must be used wisely. Designing and developing an app is winning half the battle. With the right app launch planning and execution, you can pave the way for increased visibility, more downloads, better ranking and huge profits!


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